We design and build AUTOMATIC ORIENTATION solutions
machines, parts and accessories
to automatically feed packaging and equipments



We continuously invest in research for new and reliable solutions, in customer service and in the training of our team members.
If you are a small, middle-size or large company operating with automatic assembly machines requiring orientation and feeding, contact us: we will start from your needs, to make sure everything goes well.
Building a team. Building a network. Making the specific skills of each individual, the heart of the company.
Because it is unquestionable that Pesce added value is represented by each single person working as team every day. The quality of Pesce global service comes out of the daily confrontation among them. And this takes place by flattening the pyramid effect between ownership and human resources as they work together to reach a common target.
How can we help you? Just ask. We are here to answer.
We are always ready to answer specific questions, always ready to provide you with effective answers, always ready to ask if everything is going the right direction. Take advantage of this opportunity. Customer support is a fundamental principle of Pesce's mission.
We are talking about know-how. We are talking about experience.
We are talking about the capacity of taking advantage of over 40 years of direct experience in the most diverse market segments. But above all, we are talking about knowledge. It is all what we have learnt and we know that today allows Pesce to face, manage and meet customer's requirements.
Reducing set up time and providing customer with the required quality.
Before delivery our products undergo severe control tests and real simulations of operation . That's why our products are always efficient.
Pesce srl, via Gambalera, 184 z.i. d5 - 15122 Spinetta Marengo - Alessandria
We design and build AUTOMATIC ORIENTATION solutions: an in-depth knowledge of our standard products allows us to customize and adapt them to customer's requirements. The search for an increasingly ergonomic product is carried out day by day by a competent, passionate and experienced team. Pesce products have been working on three shifts for over forty years.
We design and build AUTOMATIC ORIENTATION solutions: between customer needs and the orientation systems proposed there is a huge work in research, design and production, everything is strictly custom-made. The choice of the most advanced components and the most innovative electric / electronic solutions allows us always to find the right system to meet any new need.